Change of Circumstances After Divorce

As the summer is nearing its end and school will soon begin, there may be changes and possible events arising as schedules change and preparations are made for the upcoming school year. There are many events in which a change of circumstances may warrant a change in a custody and/or child support order of your children.

In Ohio, a previously established custody and/or child support order may be changed depending on a change of circumstances. The courts do have a high standard for changing a custody order as the goal is to have a stable and consistent environment for the children. However, there are a variety of events that could be considered a change of circumstances. Some examples include:

  • Remarriage
  • Death
  • Improved financial conditions
  • Improved mental condition
  • Improved health
  • Children's preferences

These changed circumstances relate only to events that have occurred since the court entered the previous order. At Kurt Law Office, LLC, we can assist you with your family law needs. If you have been contemplating a divorce or potentially have a change of circumstances, call us for a free consultation to evaluate the situation and allow us to provide you with some options. Family is important, let us help you make the most effective and best decisions for your children. Call Kurt Law Office, LLC at (440) 516-1010 for your free consultation today.