Taking Some Time to Consider Your Future Family

Summer is a great time to rest, reflect, and spend time with family and friends. Most of us are busy attending graduation parties, cookouts, vacations, and engaging in outdoor fun. During this season, we may find ourselves looking forward, even considering the future of our family. With over 2,000 children waiting for a permanent home in Ohio alone, and hundreds of thousands worldwide, this season could be a great time for some to consider whether adopting a child is in their future.

The truth is that adopting a child is within everyone's reach and the process does not have to be complex. One common fear is that the process is too costly. While costs associated with adoption can add up, there are many ways to offset these costs. To put your mind at ease and answer questions you may have, contacting an attorney can put you in motion to give a waiting child a permanent, loving home.

There are many types of adoption including international, foster/public agency, and private domestic adoption. When selecting which type of adoption to pursue, there are many things to consider: How important is cost? How long are you willing to wait for a child? What age are you looking for? What type of involvement, if any, do you expect from the birth parent(s)?

International adoption tends to be the most costly due to international fees and travel expenses. However, it can be a great option for those who are concerned with birth parent interference because practically eliminates the possibility of an open adoption. It may also be appealing for parents wishing to specify an age range or gender of a child.

Adoption through foster care/public agency is generally the most inexpensive, and there are always many waiting children. This route, though quick and inexpensive, may not be ideal for parents that do not wish to adopt an older child or one with special needs. While infants are available, the waiting period can be lengthy, and there is a possibility the child could be reunited with its birth mother.

Many choose to adopt a waiting child or a yet to be born infant in-state or within the United States through private adoptions, either through an agency or facilitated by an attorney and social worker. The cost of a private adoption is generally between that of an international and public adoption. Private adoption is ideal for couples who already have an identified child, or for couples who wish to wait for an infant, which could take years.

Though there is a price tag on adoptions, there are ways to offset the cost. First and foremost, the federal government offers a tax credit up to $12,150. Ohio offers an additional tax credit for up to $1,500. There are also many organizations that offer adoption grants or interest free adoption loans. Additionally, some companies offer adoption benefits, financing part of the process.

Whether international, domestic, private or public, an adoption attorney can answer questions about the adoption process, explain your legal rights, and make sure that all legal paperwork is timely filed. An adoption attorney is there to put your mind at ease throughout the process and assure a smooth transition into your new role as a parent.

Adopting a child is a process, but one well worth it. There are many children out there waiting for a loving family. There just may be one waiting for you to bring him or her home to join you next summer in all of the fun and festivities that the season brings. Please call Kurt & Vermilya at (440) 516-1010 for further information.

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